Back on the road again… I put time and effort into this little project. but nevertheless material-db does count OVER 5.000 registered users! WOW! I didn’t expect this so far. And now.. there’s a complete restart. Over the months I’ve been collecting a huge stack of material that I’ll upload from now on.

For there a few users willing to share their textures or presets, they’re welcome to do so. There’ll be a small submit-form soon, so I’ll link it with your profile so you will get the fame ! 🙂

Furthermore there’ll be downloads of HDR, Panoramas (as backgrounds or game enviroments..), and 3D models… and it’ll be all free.

In the mean time you can jump to  ..right HERE and give us a thumb and spread the word! I’d be happy seeing the community grow. Next goal: 10.000 subscribers.
As You might have noticed: you can now register with your facebook-account. But you don’t have to. Simply clear your FB-Name. In either ways you have to form that has that facebook-look and figure out that tricky captcha. But once you’ve gut your mail with your password you’re IN.
Thanks for your time. – Mattes

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